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16 November 2013














Peter Kuske The Reality

Peter Kuske

So you searched and found him, you have heard the stories now get the facts. many Kuske´s exist many are worldwide, but i bet this is one Pete Kuske you would be proud to know. Simple facts not known to most, is his generous donations to Good causes, his helping many people who have been down on their luck.  What you will find well those who take the time to understand the person, will be unexpected. Such a gentle Giant is Peter, cross him and hell will grab you. but know Peter the person and treat him right and you will want for nothing, as he will always help you as far as is possible.

A Good Christian who stands for decency, and will and does stand up when he sees some wrong doing, not one to look away whilst a crime is done, or taking place. This level of decency has often put his own head in the firing line, but Peter Kuske would sooner take it than allow others close to him to need to take it.  Peter Kuske is Unselfish and Stands against all levels of Evil Bad Scumbags that society has placed on the earth.


Peter Kuske The Reality

"Peter Kuske The Reality", Likened to Clint Eastwood his calmness and skillsets are what makes him loved by the Good but hated by the Evil Low life saddo bad guys both on and offline.

Peter Kuske The Reality SEE the Real Kuske and Follow His Lead

SEE 2018 Updates....

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Peter Kuske Stands FIRM

Peter Kuske Stands FIRM against numerous Blackmail Threats 

Peter Kuske Stood FIRM against numerous Blackmail Threats, after having his family Threatened on Youtube by the scum Gangs with threats to family and kids. Pete Had the option of doing as demanded or to stand tall and fight.  NOT a option, Fight was the chosen route as should always be the way. ONLY cowards hide and that is NOT in the Kuske Gene pool. So severe was the threats that the childs Mother was seriously ill for 2 weeks during the Planned evil attack by the shits of youtube.




Threats Made


Threats to Kuske entire family and Businesses were made by this piece of shit , in a ongoing onslaught with his sick accomplices, all to entertain his partner at Finleys Boats, probably with a long term aim to extract Money. Who knows or will ever know the REAL reason? But over a week long onslaught and drooling over the kids pictures, this gang attacked night after night.

Pete had NO Choice but to stand firm as anyone knows give in to blackmail once! and forget it more will follow.

So follow the Kuske way and FIGHT The slime of the earth. BEFORE They target you next.

Police Involved

Peter Kuske UK

Police in Haltom City texas were told of the Crime and they elected to do nothing they knew of the shit responsible, and they advised "we want him and his Partner in something way way bigger", and refused to press any charges.

This is why YOU Must never just assume shits like this gang will be dealt with legally, the law is poor unless you park on double yellows of course!  So you must decide your own payback routes.

One thing to remember.  Bully Gangs do NOT respond to nice, you must be Tougher and sharper, For YOUR own family and Kids sake.

Peter Kuske Protector

Peter Kuske Protector of others

Peter Kuske did not choose the role of defender of Good Christians from the Satans spawn, It Was Thrust on him, GOOD MUST BEAT EVIL every Christian must do the same or the world will surely be finished.

With Pete giving in was never an option, to give in is to turn your back on God and all decency, Maybe the Police do not care?  maybe the people who fund and support the gang of shit on youtube, feel that being evil and shits is cool?

well Peter Kuske says otherwise and asks others to STAND UP..

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